Kapiti Coast's premier competitive swimming club

Club Uniforms


capCaps are available for $10. Swimmer’s can get them from the Team manager at swim meets. Although it is not compulsory to wear a swim cap, our head coach prefers swimmers wear one, because it actually makes swimmers swim faster and also helps to identify RSC swimmers in the water at swim meets. While training it helps protect your hair and also the pool filter system, which can become blocked with hair.


Club Shirts and hoodies are available for order. All will have RSC logo.

Tops are available to everyone, including parents.

When swimmers attend meets they are expected to wear a club shirt. They can be used in conjunction with the uniforms that we already have, so if you already have a club t-shirt you don’t need to buy a new one.


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A lightweight version of the Camp Hell hoodie (Grey) will also be available for $31.

RSC Backpacks

Are awarded to swimmers when they qualify and enter for Wellington short course Champs for the first time.

Replacement backpacks may be ordered through the club. Contact nzcecioni@hotmail.com